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Good to Know while Being Our Guest

This information you will mainly find also in the info-pack in the villas and cottages. 

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Safety and Fire Alarms

The emergency number is 112. Make sure you know the address and your cottage's name. There are beautiful mountains and rock formations, mosses etc - these are slippery wet and there are steep drops. After a day out, you should check you and your kids for ticks and remove them. You can avoid ticks by not going in lush vegetation and grass. You may not make open fires, but you may use your grill with care. Villas: If the fire alarm goes off, and there is no danger, you silence it by pushing button B silence for a few sec. Then the system must be reset. Property insurance will not cover, if the fire alarm is not on. To reset: push F and E till small beep, keep them pushed and push A. Then you are on "system level" and push C reset. Push E and F. See video: . No smoking indoors (penalty fee). Do not dry clothes or anything else on the electric battery or in the sauna - risk of fire! Candles and outdoor fires may only be used on a fireproof surface. Not on the fireplace.

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Our Premises

We have three winter habitable fully equipped villas of 120 sqm, each for 10 people. There is one toilet and one shower in each. There is one rustic log cabin for 10 people from the 1990's, with all kitchen appliances and one toilet and shower. It is rentable May-Sep. We are located in beautiful archipelago landscape, 500 m from the small Kirjais village and the sea. We have now one small overnight cottage, where you can do a carbon free holiday, and with recycling of all nutrients at the premises. Nutrients are what kills our Archipelago Sea and the whole Baltic Sea. We plan to expand this concept in 2023. There are also rentable hammocks with mosquito and rain cover. We have a traditional yard sauna with a hot outdoor bath. Best of all is the nature around! As a peaceful location we have a rule of silence outside at 11 pm. Loud music is not suitable any time of the day. Do not throw ashes, food, pee or anything outside, they overfertilize the sensitive mountain nature. At the moment we are not using the 100-year old school building, but we are setting up permaculture and nutrition recycling around it.

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On the premises, we compost all bio waste, and we ask you to do so as well. First you collect your bio waste in a bin in the cottage, and then you take it to the larger compost bin located by the thrash bins. The 4 large trash bins are for unsorted materials. Paper, metal and glass bottles are recycled in the village, 500 m from us. You might drop them there on your way home. BOTTLES AND CANS SEPARATELY. You may not leave these behind. Unfortunately, there is no recycling of cardboard closer than Nauvo city (14 km) and Parainen (maybe on your way home?). There is neither recycling of plastic anywhere close (but in Parainen).

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What to do in Kirjais?

First of all, take the opportunity to enjoy nature while you are in the middle of it. Feel the clean air and the healing powers of the pine tree. During the summer season there is the restaurant and the village shop Kirjais Bybutik and Marina in the village 500 m from us. Also visit the nice library Bokmal which does not require a library card! The village has a small sandy beach and a playground. A few hundred meters towards Nagu, by the bridge, is a charming little sandy beach where you can swim and have a picnic at the table. There is a free connecting ferry to various islands. For example, at Brännskär there is a café and much more. Timetable (Nauvo southern route), departure from Kirjais eastern port (3 km). From summer to autumn you can rent a rowing boat, canoe or basic bicycles. There are excellent fishing waters around, this is popular in the spring and autumn. The village of Kirjais is located on the pilgrimage route St Olav Waterway and the Archipelago ringway. Kirjais is an excellent biking destination. In the yard you can borrow outdoor games or practice frisbee golf. Go ahead, and please return everything in good condition, thank you! You can explore the rocks formed by the ice ages both in the yard and go for the nearby nature trails. In the center of Nauvo (14 km) there are many restaurants and other services as well as excursion destinations, such as the island Seili, with its interesting history.

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General Instructions

Bed sheets must be used. They are not included in the basic price in any sales channel. A sheet and bath towel set cost 14 € to rent. They are found at the cottage and payment methods are Mobilepay or bank transfer, unless you pay for them at reservation. You may also use your own sheets. The cottage must be left in as good a condition as it was on arrival. Report deficiencies and defects immediately. If you buy the service "Final cleaning", you may leave surfaces uncleaned (see check out list in cottage). For a successful sauna experience in the yard sauna: Before heating, empty the fireplace from ashes using the small shovel and the yellow cask, put the ashes in the black barrel. The heating time for the IKI oven is about 1 hour. The correct temperature for bathing is approx. 60 degrees. As you add wood to the fireplace during the heating, move glowing coal toward the front of the fireplace and place the wood on the glow in the middle and front of the fireplace. Max amount of firewood 2/3 of the fireplace volume. Use a seat cover, put in wash bin after use. Refill wood rack in the sauna after use, thank you! Outdoor bath: If you have ordered the outdoor bath, it has been pre-warmed for you. The electrical heating may take more than a day, depending on outdoor temperature. Do not turn off the heating, there might be other bathers after you. The bath is set to 40 degrees. Do not alter any settings. Remove the lid. You may use the little net for removing debris from the water. When finished, please replace the lid. Do not put hand detergent in the dishwasher. Food scraps must be removed from plates etc before placing them in the machine. The machine must not be opened during the program. The grill must be cleaned and emptied into the ash container. Take care of fire safety. Use seat covers in the sauna. Before you are leaving, read the check out list. Recycle glass bottles and tin cans in the store or SEPARATELY in Kirjais village recycling (500 m). They do not belong in the trash. The most ecological heating comes from the air source heat pump (mode = sun). Floor heating should be used in the bathroom, also in summer, and should be left on at departure. Elsewhere, floor heating is used only when needed, and the air source heat pump is preferred. Upstairs radiators need to be used very rarely, as warm air is always transferred upwards. When it is warm outside, and on departure, the floor heating is switched off (except in the bathroom and toilet *, if it is damp). In winter, the air source heat pump must be left on and set to 15 degrees. In summer, the air source heat pump (mode = snowflake) can be used for cooling. However, the cooling power does not reach upstairs. When it is too warm upstairs, it is advisable to open windowws for a cross draft upstairs after the sun has set behind the trees. This can be left all night if needed. Kindly, do not heat and cool at the same time. * Please note that the toilet is not a waterproof room. Heating of the cottage's electric sauna in Villas Måsen, Knipan and Flaming Family Villa: Before heating, check the sauna. Make sure there is nothing on top of the heater and that the door is closed. The electrical device power must be on (the I / O switch next to the front door). The stove is controlled by a timer: 0 position Power is off Range 1-4 hours (A) Resistors turn on, heater starts heating immediately and is on for selected hours (1-4 hours) Range 1-8 hours (B) Preselection time after which the heater switches on. For example, by selecting 4, the stove will switch on after 4 hours and will be warm for 4 hours unless it is switched off earlier. Please turn off the heater immediately after use, thank you! To turn off the heater: Turn the timer switch counterclockwise to the 0 position. Only water may be thrown on the stones. Use of the indoor fireplace in Villas Måsen, Knipan and Flamingo Family Villa: There are no ventilation pelts in the fireplace. Empty the fireplace in intended ash bin on the terrace. Leave the ash hatch slightly open. Place clean, dry, smaller woody airy, horizontal or vertical. Place small wooden sticks, fire lightning cubes or newspaper on or under the trees. Light the fire. After it has started to burn, the air intakes can be closed gradually. In the second nest you can use larger wood than in the first. Firewood is available in the side building to the courtyard sauna and possibly also in the shed. Passenger cards: An accommodation business operator is responsible for collecting passenger cards for passengers arriving at the place of accommodation. This includes any professional accommodation services. The obligation is based on the Act on Accommodation and Food Service Operations (308/2006). The traveller must fill and confirm the traveller information on the passenger card by their signature. The spouse and underage children accompanying the passenger do not have to sign a single passenger card individually. The leader of a tour group may in turn sign a single passenger card on behalf of the passengers travelling as part of the tour group. The accommodation business operator must keep the passenger cards and data for one year after signing the passenger card, after which they are deleted.


Contact information

General emergency number 112 Parainen Health Center +358 2 454 5200 Emergency service 8-16 +358 2 454 5220 Emergency at other times TYKS +358 2 313 8800 Tourist information for Parainen +358 400 117 123 Taxis: Dan Sipilä +358 400 535 579 Jataxi +358 20 712 0160 Boat taxis: Sjövägen +358 400 206 556 As charterbåtar +358 400 740484 Ask also for local boating trips! The property is managed by Camilla Grönqvist +358 45 698 7477

Ask for guided boat trips

We have two boating partners. Kimi Vatanen with VatanenExperince and Ken Lehtola. They can take you on various trips. Life wests are included, and for example all fishing gear, if you want. You can go to and island with a restaurant, or explore some very special islands of the Archipelago Sea. You might want to go and pick the superfood sea buckthorn or go on a scenery photographing trip.


Everyman’s right briefly

When you move in nature, you have certain rights, but you must also follow the rules. You may •move on foot, ski or cycle outside the farm and in specially designated areas (eg cultivated fields and plantations) •temporarily staying in areas where movement is allowed (for example in tents far enough away from the homes) •pick wild berries, mushrooms and flowers •fish with a rod and line •pass through streams and over ice You may not •causes disturbance or damage to another or the environment •disturb wild animals or the nesting of birds •felling or damaging trees •take moss, lichens, soil or wood – LEAVE ANT STACKS, WOOD STUBS AND EVERYTHING UNTOUCHED. •disturb the peace of home •litter •drive motor vehicles in terrain without the landowner's permission •fishing and hunting without relevant permits ALL TRASH BINS AND LANDS ARE PRIVATE. WHAT YOU BRING WITH YOU, YOU MUST ALSO TAKE WHEN YOU GO.

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Our best friends are welcome to all buildings. We do not charge any pet fee, but we kindly ask you to take care that the cottage is clean after your stay. We do not provide any pet allergy safe accommodation.


When leaving (check out list)

Please do the dishes in time and place dry the kitchenware in their places. You may not turn off the electricity while the dishwasher is on, and you may not leave dishes for the next visitor to put in their places. Replace any moved furniture. Make the bed without sheets, as it was. Do not make the bed if there are any stains. Please tell if something has been broken, instead of hiding it. Please also tell about shortcomings you find. Take with you any food that you brought and leave the fridge clean. Take the trash out to the large garbage bins on the premises. Bottles and can do not belong in the garbage, but in the recycle bins in the village. If you dont want to recycle cartons, at least flatten them. IN CASE YOU HAVE NOT BOUGHT FINAL CLEANING: •Wipe surfaces. •Vacuum. •Wash floor if dirty. Mop is rinsed cleaned and left to dry. Make sure doors and windows are closed. Please do not remove electricity cables. Leave floor heating on in bathroom and toilet. In winter, leave heat pump on 15 degrees. Leave the key and filled in passenger cards on the table. Leave the switch by the front door in off-position, i.e. BORTA-POISSA. Thank you and welcome again!

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