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Kirjais (or in Finnish Kirjainen) is an island quite far out in the Southwest archipelago of Finland. Still, you can reach it by car, There is one free ferry-crossin from Pargas (Parainen) to Nagu (Nauvo). Most of local habitants speak Swedish as mother tongue. 

In Kirjais you have nature and archipelago feeling all year round. 

Hike and breathe the clean air of the sea and the forest. Admire the miniature bogs on the cliffs and feel the sweet smell of the Labrador tea. In the fall, it is worth visiting the mushroom forest and go luring the pike.

A meandering unpaved road, sometimes in the woods, sometimes next to fields or cow pastures, gives you an old-world rustic feel.

A peculiar small library, Bokmalen, in an old mill on the hilltop by the village offers stunning views - take, exchange or leave books.

Groups may pre-book a tour of the ecological sheep farm in Ytterstholm and see its various animals.

In the summer Restaurant Glöd is half a kilometre away as well as the village shop and marina. You will also find miniature sandy beaches for swimming and picnics. Fish, vegetables, eggs, pastries, fruits and berries of the season are sold on the summer market on Saturdays. At midsummer, a maypole is raised. The popular Old Time Auction is held around mid-July and the Night of the Ancient Fires is celebrated on the last Saturday in August. On request, you may hire  e.g. traditional sailing boat trips or other boat trips for photgraphing the scenery. 

From summer 2022 we offer also other boat trips, ask for them!

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Shower Facilities

With our Shower Facilities, guests enjoy the highest level of comfort at minimal costs. To learn more about our services and hospitality, keep exploring our site or simply get in touch.

Fire Pits

We’re happy to provide our guests with a full range of amenities to meet their specific needs. That’s why sites with Fire Pits are always available. Your happiness is our priority!

Vehicle Access

Kirjais Nature Inn and Villas provides you with the amenities you need for an enjoyable outdoor experience. Take advantage of our Vehicle Access and other benefits when you decide to stay with us.

Good to know

Our values

We are a partner company to the UNESCO Archipelago Sea Biosphere, and try both in small and larger areas to stop exploiting the earth and especially not to pollute our home sea, and to remember and practice archipelago culture, for example regarding fishing and traditional handicraft. 

What to do in Kirjais

First of all, enjoy the clean air and unique nature! You may use the outside grilling place to make dinner. Depending on season, hire a bike, rowing boat or canoe. You should visit the cosy little library Bokmalen. There are little nature trails on the premises. You may also use the free m/s Nordep to visit other islands. In the summertime, there is a shop, restaurant and plenty of activities in Nagu city (14 km).

Vehicle Access and Arrival

There is plenty of parking space, and you can drive up to your cottage. When you come from the main land, there is one free ferry on the way. When you arrive, we usually leave the door unlocked and the key inside. Arrival is at 4 pm and checkout at noon, unless otherwise agreed. 

Also the journey to Kirjais is in itself an experience to remember! 

For groups

Meetings and Seminars

There is a conference room for about 45 people, and a dining room for about 30 people, with an open fireplace. There is also a large professional kitchen and full boarding can be ordered for groups. Catering is available for larger or smaller groups, also in the cottages. An evening gathering can be held in the spacious and roofed grillplace or on the lovely mountain in our yard. 

Camps, confirmation schools and other groups

In the former school, there is 8 rooms and 20 beds + 3 sofa beds. For larger groups additional cottages can be used. Full boarding is available, depending on group. In cooperation with the Archipelago Nature School and Living Archipelago, we have an adventure programme, including activities such as axe throwing. Please ask for an offer!

Well being from nature

In cooperation with various partrners we arrange programmes for your group. We like to utilise nature themes. Please ask for an offer! 

Currently we are developing making use of healing properties of plants on our premises. We also like to give back to nature in verious ways. 


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We are high above the village and located ca. 500 m from the village center and the beach. At the beach, we have our own small pier for the rowing boat and canoe.

Fire wood is available in the shed and by the side of the yard sauna. It is considered a good practice, if you fill up the firewood in the sauna, after it has been used. 

There are yard games, fishing rods and life vests etc. which you can borrow in the shed. 

About me

Hello! I'm Camilla, entrepreneur of Kirjais Nature Inn and Villas


Originally, this place was an archipelago school, to which children came from far away in the archipelago. Therefore, they needed rooms to sleep in. The school was decided to to be built in 1922 and it started in 1923. In the 1960's there were not enough pupils and the school ended. 

The place has thereafter been in private owning and has been known as Kirjais Kursgård. The school house is in use for camps, groups, and bed & breakfast. in 1990 the owner decided that more room was needed, and a large log cabin was built. Then in 2005 three new cabins were added. I started here in the end of 2019, and have been welcoming cottage guests as well as groups since. We are now profiling us as a nature retreat, as this really is!